Knitwear obsession continues…

Is it a sign of mature style or repetitiveness if I constantly come back to the same trend? Oh, who cares? As I enjoy it, it doesn’t matter and I will wear it even every day. Okay, not every, because there is one lousy fact about knitwear, which is its uselessness during gorgeous, summer weather.

Yeah, summer is passing by…

I have bought this knit and had to wait like for a month to wear it. When eventually I could take it for a walk it was on one of these days when fall is knocking to Brno’s doors. There was no sun and shortly after we finished shooting it started to rain. It took away from me all the joy of wearing new favorite garment. I just wanted to cover myself with the blanket and hide on the couch with a cup of warm tea and some good movie to watch.

One may say to get used to seasons pass. I do my best in it, but I can’t help becoming nostalgic when seeing grayness of winter on the horizon. It will all start now. Leafs will fall, days will become short. The only relief in the lazy afternoons spend while nestled in my beloved one.

Stay awesome!

STARRING: dress ZARA/shoes CROPP/bag H&M


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  1. messbyus says:

    Uwielbiam sukienki maxi! A tu w połączeniu z białymi trampkami wygląda jeszcze ciekawiej 🙂

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