So I have changed layout again. This time not only that. This time I made a commitment and I have bought the domain. It was a big step, even though it costs just 18 bucks per month. I struggle with committing to anything or anyone, but on the way to be better and better that was the step I could not avoid at some point.

This blog is to help me improve myself, raise my self-esteem and make me more confident of my sartorial and lifestyle choices. And so longly awaited happens, I improve and so does the blog. At first there was just a simple idea of writing daily what inspires and makes me proud of myself. I still follow this ground rule, but here and there I add different elements to it.

If I knew that creating a blog helps so much, I would start one many years ago! Okay, there is an example of all the famous people writing diaries that documents every day of their lives, but it never seemed so helpful till I started doing it myself…

This is how did blogging improve my life:
1. I am never bored.
2. I became assertive
3. I am focused on myself and my goals
4. As crazy as it sounds, but being focused on myself makes me be better in all kinds of relationships.
5. I have a track of what I do, what I have done and what needs to be done.
7. I learn.
8. I am happier.

Reasons above are why I will always and forever advice to everyone to start one. It doesn’t have to be public, like mine. It can be private, so no one will ever see it. It is about the idea of tracking what you do, re-reading posts, watching it and who you are in it from the distance, that guide you how to improve your life. I improve mine as I am afraid of being average. Do you have any reasons to improve yours?

Stay awesome,


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