DSC_0129I have learned about Huderwassehaus about 3 months ago and from the very first moment I felt a strong urge to see it. The idea behind it is brilliant! I would give everything for the opportunity to live in a place like this. Okay, not exactly like this. I don’t know how I would cope with all the tourists strolling around 24/7. Maybe I would get used to them, though. Eventually, that would be rude to keep such a beauty away from the general public. Depriving all the generations from the possibility to see it and get inspired seems to be a barbarity.
So the other day, I went to see it, touch it and be around it. The building itself is indeed impressive and exactly how I imagined it. The tourists got on my nerves, though. On M4R74s and D4R14s nerves got trees. ‘I wonder how on Earth they made pictures you see in the brochures!’ D4R14 said and exhaled loudly. I didn’t mind the trees. I imagined, that if I live there, I wish the trees to be exactly where they are, in front of my windows!

It would be great if we stay here for a coffee, I thought, but we decided to leave (cos of the tourists… hey, we were tourists as well… lol) and we could not choose better. A couple blocks away we have found another ‘Hundertwasser house’. (It is Hundertwasser’s museum 😉 ) It was equally stunning and greet us with big, sunny garden. In this garden a table was waiting for us. It was a faith. This is how I end up having the most delicious coffee in the most charming place…

Stay awesome,

P.S. It was a thrilling experience for me to think I have seen Invaders piece live, but it appear it was somebody else. As I learned now that Invader was in Vienna, but in a different spots than I did, I have a new reason for a trip back there.


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