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A compilation of images, music and thoughts that are all over my head now. After intensive, progressive August, I am hoping to make September a month of chillout mixed with creativity. What are your plans for upcoming month?

MUSIC – Jamie XX Loud Places, Tep No Pacing, Petit Biscuit Memories, everything by FKA Twigs and much more….

READINGS- Again and again Virginia Woolf, but only because it is so perfectly fitting to the situations that surround me. “Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigues, I have had my vision.” Next month I will have something new though as my little sis is going to bring me some more books in my native language this week. (Psyched!)

MOVIE- sadly I have to admit that this month was full of movie-related disappointments… I didn’t like Jurassic World, I didn’t like last couple of scenes in Interstellar (what destroyed whole movie for me!), I fell asleep on Seventh Son… Oh… Good that, I kinda enjoyed Tomorrowland…. But (there is always some but) in the sea of mediocrity I have found the one and only movie that have shaken my universe- Citizenfour. It has literally turned my universe upside down. I am hoping to watch something even more inspiring in Septemeber.

FASHION- I am very into 70s lately. I wonder if it changes once weather is cooler and less sun is around. Time will show. Additionally in my mind there is just knitwear. My latest posts prove how obsessed I am. Check them HERE, HERE, HERE AND HERE.

ACCESSORIES- Floppy hat, which hides me from the universe behind its wide brim and oversized woolen scarf for cold days that are about to come.

FOOTWEAR- Proudly I want to say that I manage to go through the whole month without buying a single pair of shoes! Nailed it! Hell, yeah!!! Now, in September, there is a pair that I dream of, though. It is a pair of leopard print boots. Oh, how much I NEED them.

BEAUTY- low ponytail- great idea for dirty hair day ^^

DRINK – Water with lemon- simple, healthy and perfect for summer that is still around.

ACHIEVEMENT-buying my own domain and migrating my blog. Took some time, but was totally worth it!!!

More updates in pictures on my Instagram, HERE

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