The whole denim look. Cullotes I have found on sale looks awesome. I feel awesome.

Today excitement reaches the zenith. All my sisters are about to come and I am awaiting this time impatiently. Just one more day to go.

Before they come, I am going to spend a few hectic hours on cleaning my flat. It is going to be a dance of a not talented dancer. I will walk around relocating things, fighting with the vacuum cleaner. I will be drawn inside the sheets while changing it. Good that no one can see how embarrassing it is.

I will watch Gossip Girl to please myself. I started this TV series couple of days ago and fell in love with the simple concept of poor- rich girls, who cannot embrace their teenage life. It seems to be a fairytale.I wonder if I want to be a teenager again. I hesitate for just a third part of the second and decide I don’t.

When I think of my present life I never compare it to the fairytale, but I do love it and would never change it. It is some unplanned turn of events that are dynamically changing without the warning. This constant adrenaline keeps me alive.

My friend lately told me that events in our lives create a logical web of dependencies. When I see these dependencies, she says, I know that it all has sense.

When I see these dependencies, she says, I know that it all has sense.

I struggle to either agree or disagree. I would agree, but my idea of living life in the present is in jeopardy then. Why do we need to be so attached to even a ridiculous past, when present is the one that we are to live?

I forget about my past and let myself stay in my ludicrous reality. And it is the need to clean.

Stay awesome,

STARRING: jacket DKNY/pants and top H&M/trainers CROPP/bag ZARA

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