A boy meets a girl in a hallway. He says her name, she replies with his. They stay in awkward silence for a moment.

Do you wanna grab a coffee? We could catch up on lost time, he says.

She exhales loudly.

I think we haven’t seen each other in 6 years. Last time was in Bangkok during the most romantic weekend I have ever had, she says.

After a while, they go to the local cafe. They chat like best friends. She chuckles, he smiles. In between all the stories are told.

Would you go for a dinner sometime? He asks.

I can’t, she replies. I am dating someone.

Is it serious? He is hoping for a negative answer. Do you love him? He adds before she gathers up a courage to say anything.

I don’t know… she says. It is hard to say, if I love him or the person I become with him.

She looks directly into his eyes. They last in the silence while following streams of consciousness in their minds. He feels an urge to grab her and kiss her, but he stop himself at the very last moment. She prioritizes everything in her life seeking for answers to unsaid questions in his dark, brown eyes. She wants to touch his hand, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to remember how comforting it was to feel him.

Nothing happens. The time stops.

After finishing the coffee, they exchange some politeness and branch off each other. Stunned they try to come back to reality. Everything seems to be the same, but it is not as the seeds of dreams were sown.




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