I tied up my satin top on Monday and this is how I end up doing this photos. They were taken while on the walk with a friend of mine. That day I have learned that my friend is leaving the Czech Republic for good in near future. That day I have understood that an end of the era is coming up.

During past years, I got used to people coming and going. I have joined a group of nomads with whom I share this unspeakable and unexplainable need to move wherever possible. This is our lifestyle and I understand it. I know that going away is just a longly awaited consequence of coming here in the first place.

When it takes place I hear people saying that it has EVENTUALLY happened. I think of relativity theory. How various can be a perception of term eventually?

When alone at home, I fight with an anger inside me. I have some selfish idea that my friends are obliged to stay with me. I know this feeling is wrong, but I can’t help it. I know I would not wait for them either.

I say ‘I am so happy for you!’. I repeat it on every possible occasion and hide behind these words fear of loneliness. I close my eyes not to let tears out and wish quietly to be the next one to go. It is like standing in the line. You just wait for your turn to come.

I repeat in my head that I wish to go and I realise that I need to be careful what I wish for. At the end, dreams do come true…

Stay awesome!

STARRING: top RIVER ISLAND/pants, sandlas and bagpack H&M/sunglasses NEWDRESS

123456pictures 3R01



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