Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright, who are behind Rag and Bone brand, managed to read in my mind. It is not only about the clothes, even though I love them all, but the devil is in detail. And honestly I can say, that this is the quintessence of what I am looking for.

Why am I so rhapsodize about this collection? To explain, I will start from the very beginning. The first look… Oh, this first look! Knit in contrasting colors, gorgeous natural makeup with underlined eyebrows and simple, yet classy hairdo. Seems so perfect that nothing can beat it? Ha, this is just the beginning. Bomber jackets, culottes, and crop tops are just a few to amaze. The variety of dresses is astonishing. Some are knitted bodycon, others plain and strappy, all of them are feminine and rebellious.

How about a bit of nonchalance? Oh, yes! Rag and Bone collection encourage to it while guiding how to keep it classy and balanced. And here on the one lesson we learn to wear a bra top with long waistcoat than to hide abs behind a bomber jacket and sexily uncovered shoulder set u with a heavy knitwear. The balance is kept thanks to contrast and this contrast is what makes it unique.

Check pictures for more.
And stay awesome”

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pictures VOGUE and WALLPAPER


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