I went for a coffee with a friend of mine. I grabbed the cup, took a sit and while waiting unintentionally glanced at my palms. The skin on it was puckered. I was playing with my fingers to see how it’s moving. I thought of tons of creams and oils in my bathroom. I remembered how every day I rub it into my body. Such a useless processes in comparison to the unstoppable and inexorable time.

My body is changing. Its a fact and I have to get over with it.

I remember when I noticed it. It was when the first circle of fat wrapped my belly. That day I began to fight. It took one year and a half and my body looks better than ever. I put crop top and show it off with pride. The need to do it is superficial, but I don’t care. Superficial or not, it does make me happy to walk around with my flat belly out.

I forget about skin issue and just enjoy my good mood. I will think about this skin thing tomorrow…

Stay awesome!

STARRING: top and bag ZARA/trousers and sandals H&M



pictures 3W4


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