Because I got so excited with Rag and Bone collection, I dig out from the very bottom of my closet top with a cut out on the abs. All black look to synchronize with my me. My mood is as dark as my clothes. I feel clouds in my head. I look to the top and see it above me. Everything is gray. Damn it, I am not even excited about the weekend. I think that this negativity, these awful words are caused by hormones. They push me to think I am anxious and act like a weirdo. I share this thought with my male friend and make him confused with such direct confession. It was not my purpose to embarrass him. I want to share the feeling of itchiness inside my soul, but I end up in an even more uncomfortable situation. I decide to ignore it and lead the conversation like nothing has happened. I feel the tension between us and, eventually, he asks me not to speak about it out loud anymore. I agree even though I don’t understand why. I agree even though I don’t want to.
I feel shy and decide to run away. I go home and cover my head with the duvet. It is a shield to rescue me from all the bad things in the universe. But the itchiness doesn’t disappear, I can’t eliminate it even with the next episode of this or that TV series. I know I just need to wait, so I train my patience and wait.

Stay awesome and enjoy your weekend!


STARRING: skirt, sunnies H&M/top BERSHKA/shoes CATWALK


DSC_1243 S




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