I’m at the office. I’m doing some emails, but out of the sudden I have to stop because I hear the mix of hypnotizing deep sounds. I turn the volume up. High volume for a long time may damage your hearing, my player warns. For a brief second, I wonder if I should turn it to its max, but it doesn’t take long before I do so.

The sound bounce inside my headphones. I literally feel air vibrating, when notes reach its deepest tunes. I watch the video and can’t take my eyes away from Robyn. Her hair, her jacket, her shoes inspire me. My irises get wider and I breathe deeply. It looks so awesome!

I note it was shot on MELT! I think (I actually shout in my head) that I was there. I exhale loudly not to scream out loud in the middle of the office, cos my excitement reaches its zenith. The video is full of flashing lights, monochrome colours and Royskopp getting crazy while playing music. All these images charge me. I gain an inexhaustible power to conquer the world now. I feel it inside me from top to toes and I can’t stop smiling.

Then it stops. The silence has come. I hear from the distance high squicky tune inside my ears. This sound is a way of music to wave goodbye. Even when music is gone, it has left something behind. What stayed is the power I gained. Now I feel I can move mountains.

Wish you to feel the same and to stay awesome!

STARRING: rop ATMOSHPHERE/knitted sleeveless vest and backpack H&M/pants MANGO/shoes CATWALK by DEICHMANN/scarf TERANOVA


pictures D4R14



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