A compilation of images, music and thoughts that are all over my head now. What are you up to in October?

MUSIC – the one and only Royksopp album Inevitable End. Recently I just have heard it and understood it in a totally new way. Check it out, if you haven’t yet.

READINGS- Letters Home by Sylvia Plath is my next stop when searching for a writing inspiration.

MOVIE- After last month’s disappointments I have taken a break in watching movies. I will wait for something special, rather than watch whatever. Instead of movies I got engaged into watching Gossip Girl TV series. It may be a bit detached from my reality, but I love to watch problems of B & S. Additionally, I love how Blake’s Lively accent affects my own ^^.

FASHION- SS2016 fashion weeks brought lots of inspiration with it’s shows and street style parades. I think of Joseph, Rag and Bone, Burberry and all the others that amazed me, but I can’t help the darkest thoughts reborn in my mind when the weather is so cold. I find it difficult to wear something NOT black in such condition.

Oh, I nearly forgot about my latest obsession- frayed hem on denim. It is the hottest trend nowadays for me 🙂

ACCESSORIES- blanket scarf to rescue from cool weather.

LIFESTYLE- trips and travels that continue for more than couple of weeks now and luckily won’t stop till mid of November.

FOOTWEAR- oh… I still can’t decide on it… 😦

ACHIEVEMENT- mastering my relationship. I have proved myself that instead of screaming and shouting I am able to lead a mature discussion solving the issue.

pictures from my Instagram check more HERE



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