Oh please make pictures of this detail on hem, I asked D4R14. I liked how jumper was enslaving frills of the skirt and this is what I wanted to build this post around, but then I have stopped myself…

Recently I am stopping myself often. Everything has started one rainy day, when I had an idea to write something about my work. Actually, I did write it and it was quite a good piece on an office life. I nearly published it, but ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ started to pile and everything because of Ten Walls…

Ten Walls is a talented musician, who thought that there is nothing wrong in sharing his opinion via his private facebook account. Oh, I believe he could not be more wrong. His opinion, not very popular nowadays, have brought lots of consequences on him and out of the sudden it didn’t matter how good his music was, everything was just about this one sentence of his from Facebook. It was like an avalanche. Music events one after another were canceling on him and at the end, even those of his fans, who wish to listen to his music, not words, could not do that anymore.

I don’t know yet, how this story ends. In the fashion industry, there are cases of such, when time had helped to heal what has been broken, but I can’t state that same will happen here. Time will show. But what did happen, though, is that I have stopped myself from sharing my opinions.

Am I right to be so paranoid? Am I right not to say what I want and what I think?

I am not proud of my choice of silence nor I am happy with it, but for a time being I find it to be the most rational. I am trying to get over with the fact that freedom of speech does not exist and I am hoping it will pass quickly, cos now I feel speechless every time I am to write a post…

I wish you to never get to that point.

Stay awesome!

STARRING:skirt ZARA/jumper TERRANOVA/trainers CROPP/sunnies IAM

DSC_1483 DSC_1503 DSC_1517 DSC_1589 DSC_1604

pictures D4R14


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