Whenever I go for a trip, I follow the routine called Chasing the Time. It doesn’t matter how many hours I spend on preparation, always something will hold me back from being punctual. The day I went to Prague was no exception, this time it was a bad-hair-day problem that threatened my punctuality.

It was 7 am when I have seen THIS. It was a disaster! Whole day making pictures with THIS on my head?! Oh, God, forbids, please! I thought when starting to work on it. It took ages, but eventually, I managed to tame my curls by combing them here and there. I entered the elevator and looked at the watch. What I could do was just to sigh as I felt the trembling feeling in my chest. It was 8 minutes until planned bus’ departure and my adrenaline’s level start rising. During this few seconds between my floor and seeing the exit doors, I realized that I can either run the whole way to the station or wait for the next bus. At this very moment, I felt the choice was obvious and I ran as fast as I could. I had to make it for this bus!!!

This time, I was really on the edge. The watch was ticking quietly, but even through the sound of car engines I could hear it mocking me with the sound of pointer saying late, late, late and I was thoughtlessly moving forward using all the strength I have. I ran through the streets, blessing the moment I decided to wear flats instead of uncomfortable heels this day and planning the fastest way to get to the stop.

Just one more turn, one more straight and I will make it, I thought and speed up a bit. What if I won’t make it this time? I always do, though and so I made it this time as well.

Breathlessly I showed the ticket to a steward and let myself into the bus. I felt like a champion at that very moment. I nearly heard the fanfare when I was reaching my seat, stretching my legs and reaching for a touchpad. As an award I will watch some good movie now, I thought and looked at the screen. The morning sun has made it to be a very detailed mirror and guess what I have seen…

F*! I thought because at this very moment I was witnessing my makeup and hairdo drifting away. And that was it for a fancy appearance on pictures from Prague.

Stay awesome guys!

LINKS: Running Late Hair Fixes HERE, Student Agency Bus HERE, Prague Guide HERE,


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