It happens that garment influence my mood. Usually, such super power is caused by a web of dependencies and this vest from Dresslink is a perfect example of it. This Friday, when I wore it, I felt fabulous and confident of being in charge of my life.

Let’s start from the beginning, though.

It was some time ago, when I saw HER- Victoria Beckham, while web browsing. She was strolling through streets of some big city, wearing a long vest, being casual and nonchalant. I was amazed by this outfit. Oh, I could not find a better inspiration!- I thought.

As usually, when digging through thousands of pictures, one thing let to another and from scrolling down her pictures I got to a video she shot for vogue.com. It was a bull’s eye and just in a few seconds I let her evolve from fashion inspiration to the life coach.

Q: ‘What is your daily ritual?’
VB: ‘I am up at 6 am, working out.’

I roll my eyes thinking when was the last time I woke up at 6 am and honestly I cannot dig in my memories deep enough to find it out. I begin to wonder if waking up early can change anything and I am aware that I elaborate on it just to give myself an excuse why I do not have to do so. I think of Sun rising late and I blame it for being so unsupportive in dragging my lazy ass down the bed.  Imagining waking up early hurts, so I cut off divagations about changing the awaking hour. I decide that one may argue about its influence on the success you achieve in life, but regardless being a night owl or an early bird the crucial element to be successful is planning the time you have efficiently.

There are facts we won’t change. One of them is 24 hour day that is just that long and not even a second longer. During this 24 hours we have to sleep, eat, clean, work and do a bunch of other pleasant or annoying activities and it is just up to us, if in between we find time for anything else. Are you into more than just one thing? Sorry to be the one telling you this, but you are in deep trouble.

The time passes and daily we are facing dilemmas that are just unsolvable. Should I work out or meet my friends? What to do first clean the house or work on a blog post? Can I sleep longer or do I have to wake up early and get proper breakfast? OMG, why can’t we have it all?

The answer to this question is as simple as ‘This is life’ or ‘If we have it all, we would not appreciate its real value’ and it is helpless to fight with it. If I can’t fight it, I decided to outsmart the timing issues by finding a true passion. It motivates me to handle my schedule wisely and determine how I assign the leftovers of hours saved during the day. To be honest, juggling with time is one of my everyday entertainments. Only thanks to it, I was able to organize the shoot for this post in a first place. I could only do it at Friday before work. When I realised it, I quoted: ‘Challenge accepted!’ and planned every single minute of this very early morning.

And this is how we did it. We woke up at 6 (ok, I woke up at 6.45, but it is still a middle of the night for me…), met, shot and managed to get to work on time. It was that simple and who would expect one can achieve so much with good time management? In this happily ending story of 95 minutes of my Friday morning sadly I have to admit, that the only problem was that the Sun forgot to make an appearance on the set, but it’s already middle of autumn, so I can’t say it made me surprised.

Cheers to the good timing!


STARRING: vest DRESSLINK (HERE)/trousers and sunnies H&M/top BERSHKA/bag VINTAGE/heels RESERVED
pictures D4R14


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