It is second time I approach slip-ons and I think that this time I hit the jackpot. I decided to go for flatforms that are my favourite footwear for quite a while already.I have some weird idea that it makes my legs looks slimmer and longer than regular sneakers do. I know it sounds crazy, so please, don’t judge me.

Yes, this is the ode to flatforms. Yes, I am one of these, who thanks to whom or whatever for inventing it.

I was always a comfort-oriented person, so sneakers are must have in my wardrobe, but for a long time I felt that to make my legs super long and super slim I need to wear heels. I think I could have been influenced by images I have seen in the media. But that is changing now. I made an expurgation in my shoe wardrobe and left in it just the items I can more or less gracefully run in. If I need to guess, what caused this abrupt change, I would bet on effect heels have on my feet. After whole day in it, I could survive through the evening just thanks to tonnes of healing lotions (Thank you medicine for progressing and inventing all these amazing mixtures!!!) In opposition to this after whole day wearing flatforms I can dance in the same flatforms for a whole night! The choice is obvious, isn’t it?

Is it a sign I grow up, if I learn to listen to my body and follow it’s advice?

And so here I am, conscious of my own choices and freed from the obligation of fulfilling someone else’s idea of me…. (Fanfare!)

Okey, I shouldn’t exaggerate or demonise the high heeled footwear (esp that I still have a few examples of it 😉 ) nor I want to drift away from the subject of footwear choices and float on a deep sea treating about life and death. Better not to open that door…

Stay awesome,

STARRING: top and flatforms PRIMARK/jacket TOPSHOP/pants, hat and bagpack H&M





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