For the last couple of days, I try to write my ABOUT page. I got an idea to work on it, after I read a few posts by Noor from Queen Of Jetlags with tips for blog editing and marketing. The post that caught my attention was about creating a media kit (HERE). I have never thought of creating such, but I thought it won’t hurt to have one, so I started to gather info I need to include in it.

Start writing yours about information, I read and I frozen. My current ABOUT is four sentences that less than more says anything about me and my blog. I am more than sure that for purposes of the media kit, I should work on something better, but what?

I checked tips from other blogs: Your ABOUT shouldn’t treat on you, but on your readers. Your ABOUT should be not long not short. Your ABOUT should be this and that and the best if one reading it, had a feeling he/she is in Hawaii, having the time of their life.

Whatever I write, won’t be good enough! I thought. This certitude was spinning in my head for hours and, eventually, I got a headache.

After reading tonnes of ABOUTs by my favorite bloggers and 30 pages of Letters Home by my beloved Sylvia Plath, I decided to give it a break and go for a coffee. Ventilating my brain and supplying it with new images should be helpful, I thought. When going out from my flat I have glanced into the mirror. In my LBD, biker jacket and chunky boots I was feeling  SO myself. Such a pity that I can’t write ABOUT with the images, I thought. And than I remembered Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and a new idea got born in my head.

Yey! I chanted happily. When having a writers block, there is nothing better than looking at the subject from a totally different perspective. This and a coffee of course. Coffee always helps for everything 😉

Stay awesome


STARRING: dress BERSHKA/jacket STRADIVARIUSS/shoes and beanie H&M/bag ZARA

DSC_0242  DSC_0237 DSC_0222




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