There is something about bricked walls I find pretty. I dream of having one nearby my flat. I would make all the outfit pictures with such sophisticated background. Okey, it doesn’t have to bricked wall, I will be happy with any wall, but unfortunately neither my flat nor its surroundings provide one with enough light to shot anything. Or maybe it is just me? Hmmm… The breakthrough idea is to work on my imagination! I have to watch more videos, view more pictures and read more books. When following instructions, the within week or two I will find perfect surroundings for the pictures.

For a time bing, when I stuck with a negative attitude towards my neighbourhood (this may be the winter depression… oops…), I look for opportunities to shot outside my hood. This is how I end up in the yard you can see on pictures. It is at my friend place. I wish to visit it more often… haha Not many photos with bricks made it to the post, though, but this is the beauty of our beloved winter time and the lighting is not always perfect. Hopefully, next time I will have more luck.

Stay awesome!

STARRING: jacket TOPSHOP/top and skinnies RIVER ISLAND/flatforms CROPP/beanie H&M/bag ZARA





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