There is nothing better on the weekend than a lazy afternoon with the book. You stretch on the sofa, make yourself a hot beverage and forget yourself. There is just you and the author of a book who, builds a whole, alternate universe in front of your eyes and it magically happens just with the use of words.

Today I decided to give myself up to this relaxing entertainment and spend a whole afternoon with Paulo Cohelo and the Alchemist. Hmmm, how awesome it was… It was not only about the calming down feature of reading I enjoyed so much, but also about the universe that was sketched in front of my eyes, so similar to the reality I enforce into my life for the last couple of years, now its image seemed to be clearer than ever.

And here I was, sitting on my sofa, watching the main character and his journey through the challenging world reading: And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. I kept my breath away for a second.

That is SO true, I thought. I stopped reading and looked out the window. An old lady was crossing the street. I was watching her pacing. I thought of the virtue of patience and how much we need it to achieve our goals. My friend D3W1 always reminds me of it. Be patient, consistent and it will end up as you want, she says and realize, how wise this advice is. It works every time. It does indeed seem the universe would want to prize me for being in harmony with myself by delivering results. I realize, I may be tacky, cos maybe I just add mystical theories to give my existence a bit more purpose?

Such an inspiring turn of events, I thought coming back to my book. Relaxed and with the mind full of ideas, I decided to make weekend readings a thing. Such a weekly training for my mind…

I attach cozy outfit to these weekend thoughts. How do you like flares, flatforms and sweat I wore on the walk the other day?

Have a good weekend guys!

STARRING: sweat UNIQLO/denim MANGO/flatforms and other accessories PRIMARK






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