Attending art events can become an infinite source of inspiration. Good music and inspiring visuals boost creativity. For me, it is a like I would find myself in the parallel universe. Discovering new aesthetic teaches me new ways of perceiving everything that surrounds me. Similar feeling I experience after having a lucid dream.

I open my eyes. H4N4 emerge from a pink cloud of steam. Let’s go to listen the birds sing, she says.

Okay, let’s go, I think but how to get there? In the other end of the room, I notice the veil and try to uncover it. A white hand catches my wrist.

You need to wait for your turn, the pale girl in space shoes instructs me. I understand that she is the curtain master. I wonder what does she take into consideration deciding one can or cannot go behind it. Her footwear catches my attention. I stare at it and I feel the desire to get one like these. Do I need it? I remember piles of shoes in my flat. They are like dunes on the desert, rolling from one place to another. Some of them never reach my feet. Roaming around the room is the only walk they will ever have. The sadness of their existence helps me to discard all the ideas of buying anything new. There is no point to get something, what is going to be useless and forgotten.

You can go now, the pale girl says and breaks me out of this reverie and I go behind the curtain.  I see sad plant hanging from the ceiling. I think it is dead and feel enormous disappointment. Humid air sticks to my face. How cruel it is to grow a plant just to kill it! I feel the anger in me raises and H4N4 sees it as well. Let’s go to the birds, I hear and blindly follow her lead.

On the way there I get trapped in the crowded corridor. I hear people saying we are not allowed to move. The invisible chains restrain us. Such an absurd situation. Someone tries to break the rules and gets in trouble. Everybody watches this man with disdain and disgust. Be patient, I hear behind me, soon it is going to be over. I wish to be patient, but I lack patience big time. I plan how to overcome adversity and I decide the best way to escape is to fly away from here. I feel confident in my ability to do so. I swim with the breaststroke and watch everything below.

This guy there (I wake up from the illusion of floating in the air and follow the finger that point into space) used to date a few models. He knows how to approach them, so I’m going to watch him. Maybe he will teach me something useful, my friend says and leaves me in the crowd. It is over now, so I leave as well. There is no point to stay here alone. It is dark and cold here.

I open the plastic door and enter the kingdom of fog. Fog is so thick I feel I could sit on it. I senselessly wander around and bump onto other people. The lights on other people head’s distract me. I don’t know why I am not surprised with these lights in their eyes. I find it normal. Surprisingly though I am not afraid. It is a rare moment to feel relaxed, while not seeing anything. Well actually I see everything, but everything is nothing.

I stretch my arm to the front. The fingers and my palm disappears in the colors of steam and I play with it. I am sure it moves, but I can’t see it. What I see is a flat image, without 3D option. It is such a simple idea! I praise the author of this installation in my mind. He or she has invented colorful fog, the most joyful thing ever. Someone pokes me on my shoulder.

Let’s go to the birds, I hear.

A flock of birds swings in the blue sky. I can’t stop smiling when I play with them. I wish I never wake up. I drink another coffee hoping to stay in this fantasy forever. But nothing lasts forever. Drops falling on my face snatch me from this illusion. It is early morning, my feet freeze.  To get home, I need to maneuver through dark, rainy streets.  When I am already half way through, I look back at the bricked hangar dreaming of going back to hear the birds. But birds are long gone. Until next time.

If you have chance, visit PROTOTYP BRNO next year… And stay awesome!

LINKS: the song of birds HERE; PROTOTYP BRNO website HERE & HERE, the best movie about dreaming I have ever seen Waking Life HERE.

















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