On some days, I have it all figured out. I wake up, sit on the bed and before taking a glance at the room I KNOW. I know what, when and how to do. The only thing I need to do is to act. Everything seems simple and clear. I love such days.

There is a balance in nature, though, so bad days come after good ones. On these days I spent time under the duvet, watching episodes of my favorite TV series. During such days, I totally loose focus on following my dreams. I don’t have a clue, what I should do in any matter. Those days sucks.

Xmas is a period when I elaborate on my life. Timing is perfect, it is only one week before New Year. This year I did some thinking on how to reduce mentioned before weak days to the minimum. While turning from side to side on my couch, I realized I never embraced the fact that planning, organizing and delivering projects is, in fact, my day to day job. Monday to Friday I work as project manager for a major company and, trust me, I am good at it. So as a conclusion, I thought why not to approach my dreams as I approach my job? At the end, my dream is my most important project I may ever have.

New attitude does not mean it is going to be easy. But hopefully, I won’t waste so much time anymore.

How did you spent your Xmas? Let me know in comments below.

Stay awesome,

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pictures 4D4- instagram HERE


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