Happy New Year Everyone!!!
How do you enjoy it so far? I love it, especially that with New Year snow has eventually come to Brno. Winter weather reminds me of a Santa and Santa reminds me of gifts, so as one thing leads to another, I decided to share with you a gift as well.

The idea of this giveaway has arisen from helplessness. As many of us, I have made lots of plans (and hopes) for this year and to deliver them, I need to track the progress systematically. I was looking for a calendar giving a monthly overview because as I see it, weekly planners do not give a big enough picture. Neither in shops nor online I didn’t find anything I like, so I end up designing it myself. Below you find its preview.

The unique monthly planner is my gift for you. Download it HERE and print in any format that fits you (I choose A4, because it is clear and readable when pinned to my to-do board) and enjoy fulfilling your New Years resolutions!

And stay awesome!

Screen Captures4

Processed with VSCO


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