I decided to rewrite a raw version of ABOUT page for my blog and make it a bit more personal. HERE  you can read what and why made me do it.

After weeks of work (and many hours of doing totally nothing) I managed to create a page that I am more- less happy with. Below you may see the most recent version of it. How do you like it?


output_HnNK4kHi there, my name is Anja. I am the person behind ANJAGE blog. I am glad you stopped by.

The title, ANJAGE, is a combination of my first name and the first letter of my surname, GRZELCZAK. Hats off heads for you, who can read it. I don’t want to tie in knots anybody’s tongue, so I decided to use only its first letter of it. The idea to mention my surname was fundamental. I grew up in a family of 4 sisters and, since I was a little girl, I worried our family name will go into oblivion.

I have been preparing myself to become an anthropologist and  dreamt of journeys to the galaxy far, far away. There was no point in hopeless dreaming, though, so I went with the flow, applied for a job as an English teacher and moved to Indonesia. I enjoyed teaching- traveling experience and saw in such lifestyle good idea for future, so I moved to the UK, where I became TEFL certified.

One day, still in UK, I decided to move to Czech Republic. I packed my life into 2 suitcases and traveled across Europe to discover new land. By accident, I did not become an English teacher, though. Instead, I start working on projects for the major company and I found my passion in it.

Life plays tricks on us and has many surprises and opportunities. It is up to us, if we see and use them. Idle waiting for faith is not my style, though, so I decided to deepen one more passion of mine, fashion. This is how ANJAGE was fund. It is my very own project. It gives me virtual space where I release sartorial choices, unleash creativity, share thoughts and lifestyle ideas.

Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoy it and come back soon.

Stay awesome!





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