It happens that I wake up knowing what I want to wear. Once I pull it on and look at myself in the mirror I think: Jeez, what did I even wear before I found this perfect look?’ This is how I end up wearing denim jacket in the middle of January.

One may say it is too cold for it, but I decided to take a risk. I knew we will stay indoors most of the time, so there was nothing to loose. I said YES, YES, YES!!! Few minutes later,I saw the weather outside and cried: No, No, No!!!

I always struggle to make good pictures during rain. I use Nikon D3200 and my baby need all settings to be very precise in order to make a good photo. One ray of light too much can ruin it. The perfect shot becomes not clear in grayish colours. Nightmare! These pictures are different, though. I like how raindrops blurry it. It suits the overall stylistics.

Big thank you to my beloved photographer, D4R14 for patience and sacrifice.

Stay awesome!

STARRING: denim jacket LEVI’S/turtle neck jumper GAP/pants M&S/bag MISS SELFRIDGE/shoes VANS

DSC_0455-001DSC_0477-001DSC_0510-002 DSC_0487-001DSC_0512-001


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