One of the bloggers I follow, Maffashion, said recently that the best outfit pictures are spontaneous ones. I could not agree more with her. Planning the outfits for hours takes away all the fun from it, same about setting the shots.
These pictures were made nearly by accident. D4R14 texted me she needs to do something in the center and offered to meet. The weather was so gorgeous I could not resist taking a camera with me. I am wearing my daily uniform. Flat boots, woolen coat, and a beanie- that is me in January 2016. How do you like it?

Stay awesome!

STARRING: pants and sweater H&M/coat and bag VINTAGE/boots ATMOSPHERE

DSC_0875    DSC_0939 DSC_0873

DSC_0924 DSC_0943

pictures D4R14


2 thoughts on “OUTFIT: IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!

  1. Love the arm length of the coat, how it doesn’t come down all the way. So chic! I might have to try to find that coat! 😉


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