Glowing face with a beautiful smile is the quintessence of beautiful look. Make up should underline all the strengths of it and hide all its weak sides. Let me introduce you to three videos, which the most influence my makeup choices in the past few months.

1. The first one is about how to look good without any makeup. I like to let my skin breath, so often I don’t wear any makeup at all. When I stay at home all day or go out only for few groceries to the local shop I use this technique and trust me it works like a charm! This tutorial is by awesome youtuber Sona Gasparian (check her other videos 😉 )

2. The second tutorial is by amazing Lisa Eldridge. It is a classic Alexa Chung make up on Alexa herself. It is simple and quick to make, so perfect for everyday.

3. The third tutorial is also by Lisa and Alexa. It is an evening look with strong eyes and light lips. It is beautiful and sophisticated.

How do you like it? Do you have favorite makeup routines?







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