Last weekend I was on a trip to Prague. The day was pretty active. We walked a lot while sightseeing, so it was important for me to feel comfy and warm all the time. Nothing makes you comfier than a pair of comfy shoes, so I went for Adidas trainers. My feet loves them, so I can wear it for hours. As that would not be enough, I also love how it looks with it’s yellow stripes and tiny bits of animal print. <3 To avoid cold, I took a huuuuge scarf. I twist it around my neck in the sun or use it as a small blanket in the shadow. I stole this idea from Portuguese women, who all seem to have at least one like this and I totally recommend investing in such accessories. The idea of blanket-scarf is simple, yet significant. Now, when I already have one, I cannot imagine my life without it!

Stay tuned,I will post report from the trip next week.

What do you wear for trips?
Stay awesome!

STARRING: pants H&M/top RIVER ISLAND/jacket TOPSHOP/shoes ADIDAS/backpack TERRANOVA/scarf ZARADSC_0769DSC_1201DSC_1487DSC_1352DSC_1516

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