It’s almost weekend. I am so happy.

This week I have proved myself that I am addicted to shopping. When I bought the last pair of shoes I thought:
That is it! I have bought enough to supply a little kingdom. It is time to change mind setups to more ascetic ones.
This attitude may also be useful next week when I arrive in Leicester. I can imagine myself, nearly crying from happiness, seeing the gates of All Saints store. Indeed, I shall not spend there more than 1 pounds. As I mentioned, I do already have enough* clothes, shoes and accessories.

In the weekend, no shops for me then. No pubs either. Nothing too loud or too crowdy. I will probably go out to learn photography, do yoga and cook delicious food. For sure I will have chia pudding, which is my latest obsession. This weekend is going to be a cleansing and refreshing experience. I want to relax and rest. Next week I have the holiday, so I need the power to enjoy it.

Stay awesome!

* I am not sure, if I can change an adverb. Can there be too many shoes or clothes? Let’s leave enough then.

LINKS: how to make chia pudding HERE, the last pair of shoes HERE, All Saints lookbook (read: how I will look during holiday) HERE




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