Our last trip to Prague was all about posters and bubbules. Bubbles were an element of our surroundings, posters were the leading topic of our conversations.

We were looking for one very specific poster, the one of Twenty One Pilots gig. D4R14 really wanted to get one as a souvenir. Surprisingly, it was nowhere. It vanished in the world of consumption, covered with tonnes and tonnes of others.

When I went to club hosting event, I heard from its manager:
The tickets were sold out, so we didn’t print many posters. The one hanging in the cabinet was thrown away a while ago.

D4R14 was inconsolable. I remembered posters decorating my teenage bedroom. There was a few of Lars Von Triers movies and few of my idols, KULT. They were my little trophies from gigs and movies I saw. I still have every single one of them packed in the boxes at the bottom of my parents basement.

In ‘old good times’ there was no better advertising tool than posters. What has changed? Did posters, become a relict, because of internet spreading the news so much upfront?

In sad times of posters exploration, bubbles came with help. They were carelessly flying in the air. Seeing them, we cheer like little kids and forget about any concern. Lovely bubbles…

Do you collect posters? Does bubbles make you cheer?

Stay awesome!

LINKS: Lars Von Trier movies HERE, read about KULT HERE and check my favorite album of them HERE,


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