It is the second season in the raw I am all about Rag and Bone. When naming reasons why I can start endlessly counting usefulness, severity, textures, accessories. What I will go for next season are deconstructed, ribbed and oversized knit, nonchalant and off shoulders. Same with slit and stripped pants covering chunky loafers or being covered by skirts and dresses. And, actually, same with everything else. Parkas, sweats, hoodie… OMG, when I saw this hoodie it took my breath away. So simple, yet I have never gone for one like this. Well, the best time to do so is now, I suppose. Probably I won’t even wait for winter.

But all these would not pull it off if it is not for gender lines blurring in their design. I don’t know is it my long-lasting INDIA ROSE obsession that makes me love the masculine elements in my own closet, but definitely, there is something more about it in the fashion-air.

The show was inspiring and not many walks by it indifferently. So in few words: they nailed it.

I attach to the show Modeselector’s remix of Thom Yorke.The video is not one of my favorites, but I like the music. Rag and Bone used to work with him quite often. Not to mess with artist vision, though, please check the original soundtrack as well. HERE it is.

And stay awesome.

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