MFW AW2016-2017 GUCCI

Vintage inspired game of patterns and colors strolled on Gucci’s runway. It seems like this nerd girl is insolently saying she is too swag for whatever is regular. Maybe she is? The first look is so beautifully pugnacious. And it is in my very favorite color combo! ❤

This fashion show is not only about first look, though. It is about every single item. From patchwork handbags, bodycon dresses to wedge sandals. OK, the last ones are not a perfect idea for winter in the Czech Republic. It looks so cute, though, it will most definitely inspire me while creating winter lookbook.

Longly forgotten balloon sleeves melt my heart. I  remembered Anne from Green Gables saying:
‘It would give me such a thrill, Marilla, just to wear a dress with puffed sleeves.’ I agree with her. I cannot even imagine excitement accompanying wearing Gucci’s puffs. It is a MUST HAVE in 2016. Another item on this list is baseball cap. How could I never see its versatile character. It is perfect even for an evening gown!

This is what I loved here. And what did you like? Would you want to be Gucci’s swag girl?
Stay awesome!
Anja and


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