Friday mood and Friday look. LBD, which catches the eye. Long sleeves balance the cut outs. To feel even less naked, I wear it with plain black tights.
Flat trainers are an obvious choice. After all Friday parties are all about dancing.

Shoot these pictures was a challenge. They are self-portraits, so I had to play with the camera. These last days of winter are very gray and dark. I won’t complain about this grayness, though. I like the outcome with only a few colors involved. Focused on catching as much light as possible, I forgot about fighting the blurriness. :/

What do you wear for Friday parties?

Stay awesome!

STARRING: dress TE AMO/trainers ADIDAS ORIGINALS SL72/purse H&M/accessories ATMOSPHEREDSC_1602DSC_0005-001DSC_0124-001DSC_0029-001DSC_0010-001


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