I passed by this graffiti the other day and fell in love with its cold color palette. I had to shot there. Luckily, I had a camera on me, so nothing stood in the way. My photographer, lovely Milda, played with my camera for the first time. I love the outcome. These are one of few pictures I smile on. Now, when looking at it, I consider doing it more often.

Spontaneously made photos documents outfit I wore the other day. Dogtooth dress and Adidas sneakers are one of my top sets lately. I love the length of the dress. It looks neatly with sneakers while remaining girly. At that time, I wore it with the bomber and short sleeve knit. Both are also one of my first choices lately. In past few months, I am less shy to wear the same pieces often. It is good I am more confident about my fashion choices. ‘Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.’*

Stay awesome,

*Samuel Johnson

STARRING: dress ATMOSPHERE/knitwear MARKS&SPENCER/trainers ADIDAS/jacket TOPSHOPDSC_0818DSC_0829-001DSC_0830-001DSC_0855DSC_0803DSC_0831


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