I bought these cropped flares in Zara. It was a real bargain, like one-third of the regular price. I tried them on and lost my breath.
It looks exactly, as I imagined, I thought.

It took me a while before I wore them, but eventually, I took them for their first walk. I meet a friend on the street.
OMG! What are you wearing! He screamed from the other side of the street. These are not flattering at all!, he summed me up and delved into a subject of his lovelife routine.

I felt timid. I always feel so, when criticised. I finished the conversation quickly.
On the way home I watched my silhouette in the shop windows. The glass was contorting and distorting my image. I moved my legs quickly and loose fabric was fluttering around my ankles. All the shyness drifted away.
He likes it or not, I thought, it looks exactly, as I imagined.
Why should I be timid and squeamish about my actions? In all, life is an experiment, isn’t it?*

What do you think of these flares? How do you handle critics?

Stay awesome!

*Inspired with Ralph Waldo Emerson

STARRING: cropped pants ZARA/body BERSHKA/jumper VINTAGE/boots MANGO




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