I am a fan of doc Martens since I was 13 years old. I still remember the excitement, which accompanied me, when buying my first pair. It took us (me and my older sister) quite a while to convince my mum for this purchase.

I will wear it not only in winter but even more often during summer. I kept convincing my mum and eventually she gave in. At that time, I actually wore them whole year long. I did not see any better match for most of my clothes. It could have been a flowered cami dress, checked shirt or for skinny corduroy pants. It all went perfectly with a pair of Martens shoes.

Now, when I think of it, I need to get a pair of black, cropped, high waisted corduroy pants… Nevermind.

One of the fashion rules says always be faithful to your style and yourself. In consequence to that, if I ever feel in unity with any piece, it remains in my closet forever. and so did Martens. Here my latest crush, white patent version of it.

How do you like my doc Martens? Do you have a pair of your own?

Stay awesome!

STARRING: shoes DOC MARTENS/skirt, top, knitwear H&M/jacket BERSHKA/bag EBAY/sunnies PRIMARK




  1. Anja, my oldest daughter was into Doc Martens. … she loved them and wore them all the time. I found them a little too heavy myself 😉

    Thank you for dropping by my blog… have a lovely day xox ♡♡♡


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