This outfit is my idea of how to dress up, when I am late. Denim is an obvious choice when I am late, becuase, honestly, is there anything that does not look good with denim? As an addition to it ivory jumper. Okey, blue denim and ivory jumper are not a peak of creativity. It seems to be like the most common mix of garments. But when you are late, there is no time for over-creativity or finesse, don’t you think?

I can leave my flat wearing something basic, but I would never go out wearing something boring! One of the ways to spice look up is by choosing a statement garment. I choose jumper, which may not be so very statementy, but I am in love with it’s zipped up detail. You can also find it HERE, where in my opinion, it looks super amazing! The other way to pimp your outfit up, is addition of accessories. As always I add multiple rings and watch, but this time, I also use red bandana scarf. Colorful detail makes this look a bit more alive.

To this combo, there is no better footwear than white sneakers and… VOILA! This is how I dress up, when running out of time.

What do you wear, when you are late?

Stay awesome!

STARRING:  jumper VINTAGE/jacket LEVIS/denim HM/bandna ?/bag ZARA



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