The other day I spoke with my sister about blogging and bloggers. She mentioned popular trends that are now ruling the blogosphere. She was disappointed with the fact that everything looks similar and harshly criticized couple of bloggers for lack of creativity.

I thought of the reality. On average, I view more than 10 blogs per day. I do it to learn about blogging business and to get inspired. Most of them are create on white templates. I like it, cos it looks clear. Most of them present similar outfits. I like it, cos it fits my aesthetics. Most of them are about a girl. I like it, cos I can identify myself with an author.


I wonder up till what level blogging is creative. Is it about constantly buying new clothes or using the most of the ones I already have. Is it about sharing tips and tricks or simply providing a lookbook that readers can copy? Does it actually matter? There will be an audience for nearly everything. PRODUCTION OF THE CONTENT IS A CREATION. Sometimes it even borders with the art.

Sometimes content seems not innovative enough. I post a basic look. Before I do it, I ponder, if I should. Most of the times these looks gets the best reviews on most of the social medias. I want to master my basic looks, cos eventually these are the ones you see me the most often in. Are basic looks the one that shows my creativity?

Is simple better? I don’t know. I’m sure, though, that SIMPLE CAN BE SOPHISTICATED. These two in one are my aim.

Today’s post is about another basic look. It’s the other way to wear a simple T-shirt. It’s from males line. My beloved D4R14 along with India Rose inspires me to use male clothes in my sets. So this is just another T-shirt look.  Hope you will get inspired.

Stay awesome!

Pictures by D4R14.

STARRING: denim GUESS/jacket STRADIVARIUS/tshirt CEDARWOOD/flatforms CROPP/sunnies H&M/ bag MISS SELFRIDGEDSC_0282-001DSC_0326-002DSC_0313-002DSC_0372-002DSC_0269-001DSC_0319-002


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