Am I a freak or is slow internet connection the most annoying thing in the universe?

Since I moved into the new flat, I still wait for the network provider to connect me to the web-world and for a time being I am forced to use shared connection. The shared connection is awesome comparing to option of no-internet-at-all, but counting endless hours spent on waiting for any web page to load is such a waste of time.

Okey, I know, I am exaggerating. There are much worse catastrophes. (WARNING! spoiler alert) From the top of my head, the one that happened in Fringe TV series 5th season is uncomparable bigger. In case you never saw it, I won’t tell more.

Huge apocalypse is one thing, but you may not like sci-fi. If that is the case, forget about Fringe. I would, though, recommend you to see Olivia Dunham’s hairdo. ->HERE. I love it and this is what I am going for this week 😀

Here outfit with hat and leather, which looks with such hairdo simply awesome.

How do you like it?
Stay awesome!

STARRING: hat ZARA/skirt H&M/top NEW LOOK/jacket STRADIVARIUSSDSC_0796-001DSC_0710-001DSC_0763-001DSC_0747-001DSC_0802-001DSC_0735-001DSC_0797-001


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