I am still in the post-weekend mood. I am thinking a bit too slowly. It is only Monday. The first day of the week is to start my engines running. In the same way, I approach mornings. I hate plucking out of bed. Before making any life changing decisions, I prefer to start moving my brain cells with the coffee. Each decision I make is the most important one. I do not disregard any detail of my life. After all, the whole is built of those small pieces.

That reminds me about one decision I have taken today. It is only a small change in my daily routines, but a huge step in my lifetime as a woman. Today I have bought an anti-aging cream. We will see if it brings any good. I hope it will. On this one bottle, I have spent more than I used to on a few others I bought during the year.
With this aging-related post a sporty look. I like this pictures. April sun made a pleasure of giving my pictures this amazing kind of light I love from THIS Depeche Mode video.

And how was your weekend?

STARRING: denim and sunnies H&M/shoes CROPP/sweat NEW YORKERdsc_0297dsc_0289dsc_0330dsc_0358


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