201604294Last week I took a part in Fashion Revolution event. It was a combo of a few activities: TRUE COST movie screening, workshops on how to recycle clothes and discussion with local slow fashion activist.Have you ever heard about slow and fast kinds of fashion?

For a girl like me, it is easy to fall into fast fashion. It seems to be like a drug. Adverts convinces me that it will give me happiness and it is easy to get, cheap to buy and it does follow all the latest trends (so it is like a fashion paradise for any fashionista). How to stop yourself from this vicious circle of consumption and deny yourself right to buy all these useless things that seem to be a synonym of happiness?

The answer is simple: stop buying. Unfortunately nothing is as easy as it sounds. And so here I am, a girl, who want to follow an amazing cause, but end up in chain store buying useless hairpins or shirts. Oh, if I could just be a bit stronger and not to fall for each sale’s sign… Trying to improve myself I switched to second-hand stores. ‘At least it’s kind of recycling’ I thought. I easily got tricked with low prices and an idea of being ecological I end up in the same place. Still, any attempts to get over the fast fashion addiction are good, so I continue to try and that is what I advise you too.

Here are a few pictures from the event.
Stay awesome and follow Fashion Revolution.

I wanted to write this post in a bit more educational character. It was supose to be good, it is as it is, so if you are curious, please find these LINKS:

Fashion Revolution HERE, True Cost Movie review HERE, few facts about fashion HERE, some surprising statistics HERE



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