I often hear people saying they can’t do what they love, cos it does not bring them any money. I ask them, what would they like to do if money were not an object of theirs efforts? How would they spend your life? Would they be who they are? We have only one, really short life. Is money worth wasting this life? What if we are born for not to reach for material goods? What if we are here to simply follow what we love? What if doing it, is the only way to become rich materially and spiritually?

Something has happened in my life to put me in a bit of philosophical mood. I even start to write a diary. Maybe it is caused by time passing by or maybe by blooming lilac. When I observe the flowers blooming, I realize how fleeting the moments are.

Stay awesome and be happy!

STARRING: denim M&S/top and sunniesH&M/jacket TOPSHOP/shoes RESERVED



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