From time to time fashion world foundations are being shaken by some unexpected event. Last week during Cannes festival a couple of such happened.

First thing, that shocked the public was Julia Roberts bare feet walk on the red carpet. Was it caused by seeking for a comfort or by any other, more philosophical  idea? We will never know, but whatever pushed Julia to do so, it will be long remembered.

The second thing to keep the public’s breath away was Kristen Stewart and her plain T-shirt. During these couple of days, actress and her Tee made a couple of appearances and each time became an unforgettable duo. The idea to use a basic on various occasions is not new, but Kirsten effortless style was stunning.

Did you like it? Check my ideas on how to dress like Kirsten.

And stay awesome!

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*Pictures of Kristen are found online. If you feel I violated your copyrights, please let me know. I will either list you in the blog post or remove the picture.



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