I approached a layering trend again. This time, I choose a dress on dress look. The top layer is a classic Tshirt dress. The bottom, is an oldie, which design is a bit too open for me. Instead of tossing it, I decided to remake it into a skirt. I do love how it looks in its new role.

Playing with clothes is one of my favorite entertainments. I redesign it and use whatever I have to its full. It awakens creativity, helps to save money and is very eco. As I see it, if you stuck in your room when the weather is crap and the only thing you are left with, is watching TV series- remaking clothes is a perfect alternative.

Do you like to play with your clothes? Do you like dress on dress look?
Stay awesome!

STARRING: dress H&M/dress BERSHKA/flats ZARA/bag DKNYDSC_0906-001DSC_0872-0022016-05-084 2016-05-086


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