I have totally lost track of time today and it have passed quicker than I expected. Now, at 1 am, it is hard to think about anything smart I could write about, so I will jump straight to ‘what-i-am-wearing’ part.

My look, again referring to trends from the 90s. This time, my main focus became tie-dye skirt. I would never expect myself to fall for something pink, but this skirt has stolen my heart from the first sight. I have gathered around it some basics and voila, perfect spring look.

STYLE TIP: Are afraid tie-dye outside of a music festival is a fashion faux pas? If yes, go for minimalism and make the garment this outfits statement piece.

Stay awesome and sleep well!

STARRING: skirt VINTAGE/top CHRISTIAN BERG/flats and sunnies H&M/cardigan M&S

DSC_0030DSC_0047maja it girls2-001


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