A moto vest is effortless and so should be a girl who wears it- I thought once I saw this one in the second-hand store. After such a reflection, I could not do anything else, just to buy it. Okey, I admit, it was an impulse buy, which usually I do not do (or approve), but now, few weeks after, I have verified if I am really going to wear it and the answer is YES, YES, YES!

I love how it down-dress the fanciest look and top up the layering of the outfit. And finally, what I love the most, is how useful it is during the summer when I don’t want to wear warm jackets, but also need a bit protection during chili evening.

Use printed bottom to style up a moto vest. Wear it with a plain, white t-shirt and voila!, you are good to go.

Do you like biker vests?
Enjoy the weather and stay awesome!

STARRING: vest H&M(vintage)/skirt NEW LOOK/top ATMOSPHERE

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5 thoughts on “OUTFIT: MOTO VEST

  1. Love the outfit, the skirt is awesoma. I´m too short to wear it but I have tow or three on the wardrobe just in case!


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