I am so focused on images for my blog, that I lack words. To kill the thirst for words, I check Avy Stanford blog. Reading it is like dreaming of the life I was shy to have. Or maybe of life I never actually wanted? I loose myself in dreaming of being somewhere with French couples, doing this or that.

This is me today, black, white and wordless.

I wear serious blacks with superstars. My idea of outfit with trainers  is balanced, with girly attributes, like A-line skirt and super feminine off the shoulder look.

Stay awesome!

LINKS: Avy Stanford’s blog HERE, the book to inspire is Sylvia Plath Letters Home, Goodreads link HERE

STARRING: skirt and sunnies ATMOSPHERE/top and backpack H&M/shoes ADIDASDSC_0386DSC_03672016-05-222DSC_0412DSC_0459



  1. Hey . I love this look. I am a Wardrobe Stylist and I have recently added street style photographer to my title as of… Um Tuesday . I plan on a pic a day and yesterday I caught a fifty something in a chic Black top, white pencil skirt with some frills in the front and white and black adidas shell toes (trainers)
    Stylish Respect from San Fran.

    Oh and the point of my comment , your blog is visually beautiful !

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