One of my main issues in life ar clothes all around my flat. Yes, I really do mean it (and all my family and frineds will confirm 🙁 ). It is unbelievable how fast I can make a mess and still do not feel like I chose the outfit of my life.

As years has passed I have collected ‘lessons-learned’ and here are the rules I came up:
1. organize clothes accordingly to colours
2. organize colours in groups of clothes with similar design
3. make a regular clean up and get rid of everything you don’t use anymore. HERE you can find some ideas how to clean your closet efficiently and HERE how to keep your lingerie drawer chic and sexy 😉

Enjoy your clothes!
And stay awesome! <3


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  1. Pipsysl says:

    This is great! I’m exactly the same way… I leave everything messy around me and still can’t decide what to wear… Great tips 🙂

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