OUTFIT: HOW TO WEAR COLOUR (when you feel black is your only love)

I never feel like wearing colours. Black is my second skin and the ultimate love, but when the spring comes, I buy pastel piece in blue, gray only ditch it in the bottom of my closet. (I get so easily influenced with colorful flowers all around, haha). With years, I learned this scenario and now the colorful pieces I get, have to be a real bargain and this is how I end up with this yellowish, mustardish sweat in my possession. I have bought it for super special price 0.25 pound, only to see, if I ever wear it. And as I see now, two weeks later, also to prove that each rule has exceptions, cos I wore it multiple times already and would wear it even more, but it is too hot to wear it more, lol.

#StyleTip for ones, who, like me, are a bit afraid to wear strong colours: Make a colour a statement and set it up with basics in neutral colours. Sweat I am wearing has interesting detailing on sleeves, what helps it to stand out from the basic background.

How do you like it?

pictures by 4L1N4

STARRING: top VINTAGE/denim LEVIS/shoes ATMOSPHEREDSC_0485DSC_0229-0012016-06-12DSC_0513


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