Some time ago I visited my hometown. There is a custom in my culture, to greet travelers with food and drinks and so I have spent these days commuting between different tables. There was an oval table in my parents home, where endless discussions took place. There was a round table at my grandma’s, a prop from my childhood memories. One was in the African restaurant, where they serve surprisingly delicious sweet soup and a few were on 6th of August woonerf (have you ever heard of woonerf? It such an amazing way to develop the urban space <3) , wherein I learned a new approach to coffee making. There were many other tables than just these few. I can’t stress enough, how relaxing and refreshing time I had. So simple, isn’t it? A table, a drink and the dearest ones all around are all one need to be happy.

Stay awesome!

LINKS: woonerf in Lodz HERE, Owoce i Warzywa HERE African Restaurant MEGMU HEREDSC_0818-0012016-06-092DSC_0247-0012016-06-093DSC_06602016-06-094DSC_06502016-06-095DSC_0128-001

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    1. Tony Steel says:

      I love ลรณdลบ, it’s a very honest place, I hate this phrase but “it is what it is”.
      I ate in Meg Mu in November last year, I too had a delicious soup, the waitress was very apologetic that they only had menus in Polish, which I don’t really mind, I can usually cope, ha ha, but the soup was indeed delicious.

      1. anjage says: Author

        Oh, I am so glad you liked Lodz ๐Ÿ™‚ I love when people can appreciate its character. It may be a bit different from what tourists are used to see, but it would be so boring if all the places would be exactly the same! Thank you for your visit! Have a lovely weekend!

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