Sometimes it takes me a while to discover some awesomeness of the universe. It refers to any other area of life and so today my world of music has reshaped, as I have decided for the very first time in my life to listen to Sting*. Yes, I do realize that Sting is the well-recognized artist, collecting prizes and all that stuff. Until today, though, I have seen him as ‘my moms choice’ rather than a real artist. And so today I reached for his music and loved it.  Well, I have to overcome my prejudice more often…

BTW, I am also overcoming also my totally conservative attitude towards t-shirts lately. I found this in the males department of H&M sales and I decided to wear it with my Aline skirt, ‘cos it looks so super cute together instead of tucking it into my denim. How do you like it?

Tie a belt around your waist. It will give you an hourglass silhouette and make your legs look so- so- so- super long.

Stay awesome!

*HERE you can find song that has started all this…

STARRING: skirt and flats ATMOSPHERE/tshirt, sunnies and beltH&M/DSC_0834



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